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Reimagining how skills-based learning can change the face of education.

Traditional universities need a non-traditional approach to career education.


Trilogy. Trilogy believes that there are multiple ways to learn code, but only one place to gain the most relevant, valuable experience – universities. The company combines experienced instructors, innovative employers, and top universities to design each and every program. This is serious intellectual horsepower and, working together, they create the most advanced, cutting-edge code development programs, with the jobs to back them up.


Empower universities to prepare students for high-growth careers in the Digital Economy, and ensure that students graduate with both the technical skills and personal confidence needed to succeed in those careers.

What City Light Capital saw

  • Team with deep industry knowledge and experience. Dan Sommer (CEO) was the former CEO of StudyInterActive, a global education company that partners with the world's leading universities to bring their programs online and to international audiences
  • Proven traction and a rapidly growing market (23 university partners and counting)
  • Clear, quantifiable impact for underserved populations in education
  • Respected education partners including Northwestern, Rutgers, and UNC Chapel Hill

City Light Team

Josh Cohen