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Using technology to help instructors “flip” traditional talking head video into active, online exercises.

The more students learn by doing, the better their critical thinking, communication and hands-on skills will be.


Practice. Practice's mission is to empower learners to reach their full potential and inspire a practice-driven culture. Practice provides an "applied learning" platform for developing and assessing skills through video and mobile. Our patented learning methodology incorporates frequent practice and demonstration of real world skills coupled with timely, specific peer feedback, self reflection, and expert coaching. Practice is turning training from being passive and episodic to experiential and continuous, helping learners build competence and confidence. 


Merge proven learning methods with technology to make learners successful, online.

What City Light Capital saw

  • Serial entrepreneur, Paul Freedman has built and sold education companies: Chairman, Handsfree; Founder & CEO of Altius Education (sold to Datamark); Founder of Academic Engines (sold to Hobsons)
  • Offers a more efficient and effective means of providing hands-on training
  • Partnerships with 48 employers and institutions, including Walmart, Comcast, Drexel, UCSF and UPenn

City Light Team

Josh Cohen

Greg Gunn